Sixty to seventy years ago these photo viewers were quite popular at carnivals, fairs, circuses, political rallies, big parties and other festive occasions.  People liked to save their memorable moments if you could get them to stand still long enough.

The process was based on Ektachrome film, for slides shot on a half frame camera such as an Olympus Pen F and rendered 72 images on a 36 size roll.  Many loaded short cartridges with bulk film so as not to wait all day to process.

The pictures were taken and then placed inside the small viewer. You can see the picture by holding the viewer up to a light and looking through the viewer. 

In the past, these viewers might have contained risqué photos for the time which by todays standards might be considered normal, but for those days it was over the top.

We have to take these apart in order to scan the film.  They are old and the plastic may degauss. There is no guarantee that we can get it back together again, but on the average we can.  You will get all the pieces back.

Processing is $24.99 for each  viewer and includes a 5 x7 print                                      
See the order form for making prints after scanning.

The quality of these very small films, which are half of a 35 mm in size may not be the greatest, may be color shifted, or may have deteriorated, embedded dust and the larger you blow them up, the quality will decrease.   We will advise you if we feel the quality is simply not there.   If the quality is good, there is the possibility of a 11x14 print.

Additional prints are at digital print pricing.  🔴

A 5x7 print with 25 various size images to fit most lockets.  A great senior gift.  The image may be captured and created from Digital CD , DVD, Thumb drive,  Prints, Slides and Negatives.